At Ironworkers Local 8, we are proud to offer industry-leading benefits for our members and their families. Our comprehensive benefits package is designed to provide you with financial security, health coverage, and peace of mind. Explore the key benefits you’ll enjoy as a member of Ironworkers Local 8 below.

Health and Welfare Fund

At Ironworkers Local 8, we prioritize your health and well-being. Our Health & Welfare Fund provides extensive health benefits for you and your family, ensuring you have access to top-quality care whenever you need it.

  • Medical Insurance: Access to excellent medical care, covering a wide range of health needs.
  • Dental and Vision: Comprehensive coverage for all your dental and vision care requirements.
  • Prescription Drugs: Affordable and accessible medication coverage.
  • Alternative Care: Benefits that include alternative treatments for holistic health.
  • Preventative Care: Regular physical exams to keep you in peak health.
  • Home Health Care: Support and coverage for in-home care services.
  • Hearing Aids and Services: Coverage for your hearing health needs.
  • Accident and Sickness Benefits: Financial support during health issues.
  • IMPACT Off-The-Job Accident Plan: Financial assistance for accidents that happen outside of work.


To qualify for these benefits, simply work:

  • A minimum of 600 hours per eligibility period,
  • 1,200 hours in the last two periods, or
  • 2,400 hours over the last three periods.


Retirees under 65 who are not eligible for Medicare can continue to enjoy these benefits with a manageable monthly premium.


The Building Trades United Pension Trust Fund is your ticket to a secure and comfortable retirement. Here’s why this benefit is so valuable for our members:


  • Retirement Security: Ensure a stable income after years of dedicated work.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Includes various types of retirement benefits tailored to different circumstances such as normal retirement, early retirement, and disability benefits.
  • Survivor Benefits: Provides financial protection for your loved ones in the event of your passing.
  • Vesting Options: Flexibility in vesting periods to accommodate different work histories and employment situations.


  • Eligibility: Become a participant by working for an employer who contributes to the Pension Fund on your behalf.
  • Vesting: Secure your benefits by working the required hours over specific periods, ensuring you receive what you’ve earned.
  • Reciprocity Agreements: Benefit from work done in other jurisdictions, preventing loss of pension benefits if you work outside your primary area.


  • Normal Retirement: Available to active participants who are age 63 or older with at least five uninterrupted years of continuous service.
  • Early Retirement: Available to those aged 55-63 with 10 or more years of continuous service or those who are disabled due to an on-the-job injury.
  • Disability Benefits: Includes both 24-month disability benefits and total and permanent disability benefits, providing income support if you can no longer work due to a disability.


  • Death Benefits: Ensure your family is protected with benefits payable upon your passing.
  • Post-Retirement Survivor Benefits: Continue providing for your spouse or designated beneficiary after you retire.


The National Shopmen Pension Fund (NSPF) ensures that your hard work today translates into a secure and comfortable retirement tomorrow. Here’s how our plan supports your future:


  • Monthly Income for Life: Enjoy a steady income throughout your retirement years.
  • Employer-Funded: No contributions from your paycheck—benefits are fully funded by contributing employers.
  • Multiple Pension Options: Choose from regular, early, disability, and deferred pensions based on your unique needs.
  • Survivor Benefits: Financial protection for your loved ones in the event of your passing.


  • Eligibility: Participate by working for an employer who contributes to the NSPF on your behalf.
  • Vesting: Secure your benefits by working the required hours, ensuring you receive what you’ve earned.
  • Accrual Rates: Benefit from contributions made on your behalf, with a simple formula for calculating your pension based on employer contributions.


  • Regular Pension: Available at age 65 with at least five years of pension credit.
  • Early Retirement Pension: Available as early as age 55 with reduced benefits for a longer payout period.
  • Disability Pension: Provides support if you are unable to work due to a disability, with payments beginning after meeting eligibility criteria.
  • Deferred Pension: Allows you to receive benefits starting at age 55 if you leave covered employment.


  • 50% Joint and Survivor Annuity: Ensures your spouse receives 50% of your monthly pension after your passing.
  • 75% Joint and Survivor Annuity: Provides a higher percentage to your surviving spouse, offering additional security.
  • Lump-Sum Death Benefit: A one-time payment to your beneficiary if you pass away before retirement.


Our Annuity Plan is designed to secure your financial future, offering flexible and reliable benefits that grow with you over time. Here’s what makes our Annuity Plan a standout:

  • Personal Retirement Savings: Build a solid retirement fund through regular contributions and employer matching, ensuring you have the financial resources you need when you retire.
  • Investment Growth: Your contributions are invested in a diversified portfolio, providing opportunities for growth and increasing the value of your annuity over time.
  • Tax Advantages: Enjoy tax-deferred growth on your investments, allowing your money to compound without the immediate tax burden.
  • Flexibility in Payouts: Choose from a variety of payout options that best suit your retirement needs, whether it’s a lump sum or regular monthly payments.
  • Security for Your Loved Ones: Benefit from survivor options that ensure your family is taken care of in case of unforeseen circumstances.


  • Active participation in covered employment
  • Contributions made by employers as per the collective bargaining agreement

With our Annuity Plan, you’re not just saving; you’re building a future. Take control of your retirement today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your financial well-being is in good hands.

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