Maintaining A High Standard Of Conduct And Safety

At Ironworkers Local 8, we are committed to maintaining a safe, fair, and transparent environment for all our members. Our policies are designed to support this commitment. Below, you will find detailed information on our key policies.


The Constitution of Ironworkers Local 8 outlines the fundamental principles, values, and organizational structure that guide our union. It serves as the backbone of our operations, ensuring fairness, transparency, and unity among all members.


The bylaws of Ironworkers Local 8 outline the rules and regulations that govern our union’s operations. These bylaws ensure that our union functions effectively, maintains transparency, and upholds the highest standards for our members.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Ironworkers Local 8 has negotiated several agreements to ensure fair wages, benefits, and working conditions for our members. These agreements are crucial in protecting your rights and providing a secure working environment.

Get In Touch

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