Start Your Career

A career in ironworking has many benefits. You get to work with your hands, be creative and solve problems. You work outdoors and play a huge role in building the future of the cities and towns around you. Members or the International Ironworkers Union have proudly built legendary American landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Sears Tower in Chicago, the St. Louis Arch and the World Trade Center.

Becoming an Ironworker doesn’t require you to accrue decades-worth of debt to fund your training in the way a college degree can. Experienced Ironworkers can expect steady employment, job security and ample opportunity to advance throughout their career.

The International Ironworkers Union offers a multi-year apprenticeship program through its 200 locals. Apprentices are always paid and receive benefits throughout their classroom and on-the-job training.

Our Program

Ironworkers Local 8 Apprenticeship Program is as follows:

  • A four year - 7000 hour program
  • 115 Hours of Unpaid Related Training (Minimum)
  • 500 hours of Paid Related Training
  • 6500 Hours of Onsite Training

Before starting the Ironworkers 8 Apprenticeship Program, applicants must pass a drug screening and a 10 hour OSHA safety class. Find out more here.